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Custom Wood Bar Tops by Dumond’s Furniture

Would you like to purchase a custom wood bar top? These are often extravagant purchases, ones that are typically obtained by those that have expensive homes or large corporations. Part of the appeal has to do with the type of wood that is used in order to make them. They are typically made of a solid piece of lumber instead of manufactured out of sawdust or smaller pieces of wood that are glued together. You can actually see the wood grains that have naturally developed over time, and there are many companies that produce this particular type of product. They are used for not only would counter tops, but also conference tables, and regular dining room tables, and a company called Dumond’s Furniture is one of the best in the world that creating this type of furniture. This is an overview of the custom wood bar tops by Dumond’s Furniture that you will be able to obtain for a reasonable price.

Overview Of The Dumond’s Furniture Company

This is a business that has been making handmade furniture for over 25 years. They not only have domestic businesses and individuals that purchase their products, but they also ship them around the world. Everything is done by hand, and they will not start working on the piece that you need until you have placed your order. This business is an eco-friendly furniture company, a business that uses solid pieces of recycled or reclaimed lumber that is ready to be molded into many different types of furniture. This company is also known for creating unique and unusual furniture, items that are very rustic and design. They will be one-of-a-kind, contemporary items that are designed with recycled or salvaged urban hardwood trees that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Despite being tossed out, their experts are able to take this lumber and create executive desks, coffee tables, board room tables, and bar tops that can be used for your business. Regardless of where you live in the world, you can take advantage of the special deals that are always provided by Dumond’s Furniture.

Custom Bar Tops

If you have a bar as a business, or if you have a large corporation with a bar that is that your facility, you may want to consider ordering one of the custom bar Tops that is currently available from this business. Part of the appeal has to do with the physical appearance, highlighting the grains of lumber that or naturally seen in the tree. They are also extremely durable, capable of lasting for decades, thereby minimizing the number of times that you will have to replace the bar tops that you would likely have to invest in later.

Live Edge Bar Tops

The best type of bar top that you can get is made from live edge wood. If you have ever seen the top of a bar that seems to have wood grains that are natural, you are likely looking at a live edge bar top. One way that you can get great deals on this type of bar top is to purchase it from Dumond’s Furniture. Not only will they give you a fantastic deal, but you can feel confident that the lumber they are using will be top-quality, and will be specifically designed per your specifications to fully accommodate the bar that it will be used for. Once this is installed, you will understand why so many people recommend live edge bar tops over all others. They are more durable, and they will also ensure that it will last for many years or decades, helping you to save money in the long run.

Natural Edge Bar Tops

The allure of obtaining natural edge bar tops is that no two are going to be identical in any way. They are going to have workmanship that is exquisite, and the lumber will be obtained from the best trees available. If you purchase from Dumond’s Furniture, you can take advantage of the decades of experience that they have, as well as the one year warranty on the workmanship that they will do. Most of the lumber that they use is seasoned, sometimes for over five years, handcrafted in the United States. You also have the opportunity to speak with the craftsman that is going to be providing this for you. They understand how important it is to have a good relationship with not only existing customers that could purchase additional furniture from them, but also previous customers and those that will soon be looking for natural edge bar tops.

Slab Bar Tops

One other thing to consider about purchasing natural edge or slab bar tops is the density and weight of the slab bar tops that will be installed. These are going to be extremely heavy. Depending on the type of wood that you have requested, and the size of the bar top, it might take them a few weeks to complete your order. You can always ask for references in regard to the company before you place your order just so that you are sure you are making the right decision. Dumond’s Furniture is always going to create the best possible bar top for every single client, handcrafted by their team of woodworking experts. It is recommended that you place your order several weeks before you need to have the item delivered. It depends on how many items you need, their size, and the type of wood that you would like them to use. In most cases, they can complete your order in just a few weeks, and have it delivered to your place of business wherever you are in the world today.

If you place your order with Dumond’s Furniture, you will be ready to experience something that you may have never encountered before. This is superior craftsmanship, using solid pieces of lumber for the counter top that you are ordering. Additionally, you may need other furniture such as bar stools, tables, chairs, and a multitude of other pieces of furniture that can all be crafted from solid pieces of wood that are of the highest quality. Contact them today about placing your first-order for a custom wood bar top that will be created by Dumond’s Furniture.

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