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Custom Wood Counter Tops

One of the best ways to improve the way that your kitchen looks is to install a custom wood counter top. If you have seen custom made counter tops in another person’s home, it was likely the best feature in the kitchen and dining room area. It is important to choose a company wisely if you want them to build one for you, especially one that is made of hardwoods that will look completely unique. If your goal is to do a home improvement project, adding a kitchen or table top should be at the top of your list. You can have this done for you by working with a business called Dumond’s Furniture.

An Overview Of Dumond’s Furniture

There are many reasons that you should contact Dumond’s Furniture if you are interested in installing the most unique wood counter top in your home. First of all, this is a well-known company, a business that has thousands of customers worldwide that have taken advantage of their custom-made products. Not only do they create counter tops, but they can create tabletops, desks, board room tables, stools, benches, and the bar tops. A wide variety of businesses can benefit from their unique designs, and the high quality lumber that they use for each project. This company is also concerned with the environment, an aspect that might motivate some people to work with them. They only utilize pieces of lumber that would be designated for firewood or would simply be left out to rot. These unique pieces of lumber allow this company to have a very popular position in this industry. It has prompted many people to purchase products from this business including custom wood counter tops.

There are several reasons why installing a custom counter top is a good idea for your home. First of all, you may want to improve your kitchen counters in the most unique way possible. Some people will have businesses install granite or marble counter tops that will look very elegant, but a custom wood counter top could be even more impressive. It depends upon the type of wood that you are using, and the color of the material. You also have to add a counter top that has a very unique design if you really want it to stand out. That’s why working with Dumond’s Furniture is so important to consider.

Live Edge Counter Tops

The process itself is time-consuming, requiring them to take measurements and form of the wood counter top to fit perfectly. They will ask you questions such as what type of hardwood would you like to use. They have many different possibilities available. First, you must consider the type of wood that you would like to have. You can choose from bubinga, sycamore, elm, maple, walnut, or even cherrywood. Your choice will be dependent upon the type of cabinetry that you currently have, as well as the type of appliance and floors that are in this area of your home. These live edge counter tops will also show the grains of the wood, natural grains that were part of the tree that was cut down to provide you with this slab. Once the measurements are taken, and you have decided on a particular type of hardwood, they will contact lumber mills that they have an association with to obtain the slab of wood that they will use for your counter top.

Natural Edge Counter Tops

One of the top reasons that this company is so popular is that they only use recycled products. They are and eco-friendly company that only creates handmade products from repurposed slabs of wood that would otherwise be thrown into landfills or sliced into smaller pieces for firewood. All of them will have a very unique appearance, and one of them is going to complement your home in a very specific way. Representatives of their company that take measurements will already have in mind what to look for as they obtain the natural edge slab of wood for your counter top. They are also a top choice because they offer a guarantee on the counter tops that they make, offering a one year warranty on the counter top that they will provide. Additionally, the type of lumber that they use is often seasoned for several years, making it easy to work with without causing it to splinter or crack. It is also possible to speak directly with a craftsman that works for the company to make your final decision on what type of wood slab to use.

Slab Counter Tops

The main reason that installing a slab counter top is preferable to quartzite, marble or granite is that it has a rustic appeal. Those that use stone often have a kitchen or dining room that is not focused on a rustic look at all. However, even if you have many major appliances that are chrome, or even if they are black in color, these would counter tops will still look impressive. You also have the added benefit of a counter top that will last for decades because of the hardwood that is used in this process. You may also save a substantial amount of money on the counter top, despite the higher price for slab counters that are typically installed. All of these benefits and more are associated with why people use Dumond’s Furniture to provide them with a multitude of different and unique hardwood pieces of furniture.

Contact Dumond’s  Custom Furniture today to learn more about the custom wood counter tops that you can have installed. If you prefer working with eco-friendly companies, this business only uses electricity at their facility that is powered by solar energy. Additionally, installing handcrafted counter tops is infinitely preferable to simply having a counter top that is like everyone else’s. They provide worldwide shipping, allowing you to place your order wherever you happen to live, knowing that you will soon have a unique counter top delivered by this reputable business.

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