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Choose Tom Johnston As Your SEO Specialist

In recent years, would be marketers are touting the idea that SEO is dead. The reality is that it’s every bit as alive today as ever. In fact, when done right, it can get better results than it has ever gotten in the past. The big difference now as opposed to the early days of the internet is that it takes real expertise in order to know exactly how to do things and what to do. Here we’ll take a look at how Tom Johnston can help you as your SEO specialist.

Why Choose SEO Over Other Methods Of Brand Building And Traffic Generation?

There are many website owners who have come to the conclusion that SEO doesn’t work and they have changed their focus to other methods such as paid advertising. The answer to why to choose one over the other is simply, don’t. Any and all of these methods are viable ways of building your brand and driving traffic. But considering using one over the other is like trying to decide whether or not to buy new tires or new brakes for your car. Getting one has nothing to do with the other and you need both.

Paid advertising is a great solution for fast, early results. But there is nothing that can replace long-term results better than SEO. With paid advertising, any results that you’re getting end the very instant you stop paying for it. But with SEO, it may require a bit more of an investment of front but as it begins to take effect, it will have a significant long-term impact on brand awareness and the amount of traffic that you get to your site. Long after the money that has been invested in this service has been forgotten, the benefits will continue to be enjoyed and to grow and help you increase your business.

Does Tom Johnston Require Long-Term Contracts?

Because Tom has been getting consistent results for a significant period of time, he is confident in the services that he offers. For this reason, he doesn’t need to have a customer sign any lengthy contracts. He feels as long as he’s giving you great service and you’re seeing results from those services that you will gladly continue to use him month after month. Instead of relying on trapping you into a long-term contract he relies on the results he will get for you to keep you asking for his services each month.


To help you understand exactly how he’s helping he will provide you with monthly reports. These reports will show you exactly how your website and individual pages are ranking on the search engine results pages. He will also provide you with traffic reports that let you see how your website is improving on a monthly basis and the amount of traffic that it’s generating from the SEO results.

Can Tom Johnston’s Services Handle Small And Big Businesses?

Mr. Johnston enjoys working with Mom and Pop shops and helping them to grow their business. But he also has a lot of experience working with large companies, eCommerce sites, and even the National Military. If you need SEO services call Tom Johnston today.

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