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Custom Table Bases

Dining Table Bases, Executive Desk Bases

Contemporary, Modern Slab Table Bases
Hand Crafted Near Big Sky and Bozeman in Corvallis Montana

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Slab Entry way table

Slab entry way table

This a slab entry way table with a unique curly maple base.


Cherry executive desk

Cherry executive desk

This cherry executive desk has
ebony pulls and ebony and maple feet for accents.


“Greybill” cherry dining table

The “Greybill” cherry dining table has large checks in the table ends.
Inlaid cherry butterflies stabilize the joints.


Ebony Desk

Ebony desk

This ebony desk was built for a professional football player in Houston, Texas.


Custom Executive Desk

Custom executive desk

This custom executive desk has a walnut slab top with natural edge cherry legs and walnut log feet.


Cherry Dining Table

Cherry dining table

This cherry dining table has a stout leg that has a slight taper.


Custom Stand Up Desk

Custom stand up desk

This custom stand up desk has simple narrow legs that give it a delicate feel.
The woods are cherry and maple with an Australian lacewood top.


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Shipping From Dumond's Custom FurnitureShipping available World Wide. Large items are blanket wrapped, crated, and then shipped. Some smaller pieces may be boxed and shipped with other carriers as per customer preference.

High quality, handmade furniture custom made to your specifications in Corvallis, Montana. We’re 3.5 hours from Bozeman, .5 hours from Missoula, 5.5hrs from Billings, 2.5 hours from Kalispell, 2.5 hours from Helena and 3.5 hours from Great Falls. Large Wood Slab pieces are individually designed and built by master furniture maker Paul Dumond, inspired by the works of George Nakashima and Isamu Noguchi. For quotes, prices or more information please call us at the number below.



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